Celebrating the Nation’s Top Student Broadcast Programs

The NFHS Network is home to thousands of high school sporting events each year. They stream everything from football and basketball to bowling and bass fishing. A huge part of their success (especially during the regular season, when it would be impossible to send out enough crews to cover everything) stems from their SBP, or Student Broadcast Program.

SBP is made up of well over a thousand schools, nationwide, that have the desire to produce their own events on the NFHS Network. Each school forms what is essentially a club consisting of at least one faculty representative and a group of students who share an interest in broadcasting. The Network onboards the students, teaching them everything they need to know to produce a professional-quality game, and provides them with the platform to house it, but from there on out it’s up to the students to film, produce, and commentate their events.

Many of these School Broadcast Programs take it a step further by producing their own original content, such as daily news shows, seasonal hype videos, mini-documentaries, sports talk shows, etc.

Each year, the NFHS Network honors the best of the best programs with an online awards show. Finalists and winners are announced for such awards as Best Student Broadcaster, Highlight of the Year, Best New School Broadcast Program, and Best Overall School Broadcast Program, among others.

This year’s crop of champions did not disappoint. See below for the list of winners, and visit the NFHS Network to experience for yourself the level of work that these incredibly talented students put forth.

Best Overall School Broadcast Program: Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA

Best New School Broadcast Program: Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village, CO

Best Live Sports Broadcast: Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville, AR

Best Original Programming: Christopher Columbus High School, Miami, FL

Best News Program: Cleveland High School, Cleveland, TN

Best Student Broadcaster: Eric Vandefifer, Montrose High School, Montrose, MI

Highlight of the Year: Sterling High School, Sterling, IL

Best Hype/Promo Video: Lincoln Southeast High School, Lincoln, NE

Marketing Award: Calhoun High School, Calhoun, GA

Teacher of the Year: Jim Blackwell, Christian Academy of Knoxville, Knoxville, TN

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