Google Asked 1,100 Kids What Brands They Think are Cool

I’m sure you’ve seen Google’s scatter plot of brands by now; and while the easily-digestible diagram is interesting, there are some more focused takeaways from their study on what brands teenagers (13-17) think are cool.

YouTube, Netflix, and (surprise) Google top the charts as the big winners when combining awareness and “cool-factor.” This shouldn’t be all that surprising, since Gen Z values media/entertainment/information above pretty much everything else.

The coolest fast food option to Gen Z is Chick-Fil-A, whereas McDonald’s ranks surprisingly low on the cool scale.

We continue to see the trend of apathy from Gen Z when it comes to Auto brands, with every automaker except BMW and Tesla falling in the middle of the cool scale.

Kids (especially boys) still love Video Games, Oreos and Doritos.

Google also reports that, “Team sports are the coolest and most common way for Gen Z to connect (in real life),” – which is good considering the needed counter-effects of all those video games and junk food – and that, “teens love sports for their teamwork, competitiveness and the relaxing outlet they provide.”

Football and basketball are teens favorite sports to watch, while soccer, basketball and running/track are the most-played sports.

You can find the entire study HERE.

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