Reaching High Schoolers on Spring Break

Today’s high schoolers may not be as wild as perceived.

Our recent study of high school students provided some interesting results: Almost half of those polled (49%) indicated that they would be staying home for Spring Break. Thirty-nine percent intend to soak up some rays at the beach, whereas only a handful plan to travel to the mountains or out of the country.

How can businesses use this information?

Consider running Spring Break Specials.

Teenagers who are staying in town for the week will still be looking for fun things to do locally; marketers can take advantage of that by targeting students who they know are out of school for the week and hitting them with discounted prices, group rates, general reminder ads, etc.

Be EXTRA active and creative on social media.

If roughly half of all high school students are staying home for Spring Break, it’s very likely that half of all high school students will get bored at some point during their Spring Break. What do high school students do when they get bored? You guessed it: they peruse the depths of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram again. Get your creative juices flowing and engage with your teenage audience.

Local marketers may think of Spring Break as a down time, but in reality, it represents a huge opportunity to reach bored teenagers with an entire week’s worth of free time on their hands.

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