Buick the Big Winner of the Super Bowl Ad Wars Among Teens!

Super Bowl LI’s action didn’t disappoint, and neither did Buick with the teen market.

After identifying which brands had the most to gain and lose among high school students with PlayOn! Sports’ pre-Super Bowl survey, our panel of students monitored the ads during the Super Bowl and then reported their attitudes after the game.

Among all brands, Buick gained the most awareness and favorability among teens with its ad featuring NFL star quarterback, Cam Newton.  Before the big game, students were apathetic toward the brand, with nearly half our panel (46%) reporting neither positive nor negative feelings toward Buick.

After the ad, nearly 3 out of 4 students reported positive feelings toward the brand, by far the biggest mover among all Super Bowl advertisers.

Overall, however, Skittles (83% favorability) was the winner among the teen market, but the brand already had high brand favorability among teens, and maintained that position after the Super Bowl. Snickers was in a similar situation; it registered a 78% teen approval rating and came in second. Buick, came in third with 74%, but came out of nowhere and leapt onto the leaderboard.

The worst-performing ad, according to those polled, was Persil. As one student put it, “this brand doesn’t really pertain to me.” The laundry detergent company was unable to overcome the fact that 69% of those polled had never heard of it before.

The most polarizing ad came from Mr. Clean. The risqué spot featured the classic Mr. Clean dancing provocatively around the house while cleaning various surfaces. When asked to list their top three favorite ads, 43% of students listed Mr. Clean. However, 26% listed it as their least favorite ad from this year’s Super Bowl. When asked whether their opinion of the brand had improved, diminished, or stayed the same, 52% said improved, while 30% said diminished.

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