Do Teens Even Care About Super Bowl Ads?

It turns out, yes!

The Super Bowl is widely known as the premier event for brands to showcase their best advertisements. With FOX charging companies $5 to $5.5 million for 30-second commercial spots, the stakes are obviously high. We took this opportunity to survey high school students on their preexisting attitudes towards the brands advertising in this year’s Super Bowl.

We asked the high school students to what level they were currently familiar with the brands in this year’s Super Bowl advertising lineup, as well as their current feelings towards the brands they were familiar with.

Who has the most to gain in the high school space?

74% of the students polled said they had never heard of Bai. The beverage company has enlisted Justin Timberlake as its CFO (Chief Flavor Officer). He will star in their 30-second ad. If you’re trying to increase awareness among high schoolers, Justin Timberlake isn’t the worst way to go.

73% said they had never heard of 84 Lumber. The Pennsylvania-based construction company purchased a 90-second spot in this year’s Super Bowl, and with the company announcing that its ad will be immigration-related, they are sure to be noticed by socially-conscious high school students.

69% said they had never heard of Persil. The laundry-detergent company only became available in the U.S. in 2015, so this year’s spot entitled, “The Professional,” has the potential to really move the needle.

Who has the most to lose in the high school space?

83% of those polled reported positive feelings towards the Skittles brand. With approval ratings that high, the brand’s main goal at this point is to stay at top-of-mind.

78% reported positive feelings towards the Snickers brand. Similarly to Skittles (even in sector), their approval rating in the high school space is so high that they could experience a dip if their ad in this year’s Super Bowl doesn’t find its mark.

Other Interesting Notes:

When asked to name one of their favorite ad spots from a previous Super Bowl, 73% were able to recall the brand responsible for the ad.

95% of students reported that their feelings towards the ad were positive, indicating that high schoolers are far more likely to remember a commercial with which they had a positive reaction than one with which they had a negative reaction.

Finally, when asked their preferred category of commercial (Comedic, Emotional, Informative, Thrilling, Other), 86% responded ‘Comedic.’

Stay tuned for our Post Super Bowl study to see which brands were able to increase awareness/improve perception among high school students.


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